Sebastian Wolf 

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About Waterfront Wonderland
The city of Cape Coral, Florida USA, was founded on former grassland in the end of the 1950s and is officially a city since 1970. Cape Coral has 180.000 inhabitants and is located at the gulf stream of Mexico.In his photographic work Sebastian Wolf reflects the process from a native landscape to a developed and constructed city. The shown photographs are supported by documents from the founding era of Cape Coral. These maps, brochures and postcards illustrate the structural changes that turned the unorganized nature into a cultivated one. The landscape was reorganised and transformed into an ornamental structure made from canals and streets, to be the foundation of the advertised waterfront wonderland. A dream city that promises a lifestyle of a holiday paradise. The topographic conformity and standardised private space is presented in Wolf’s photographs just on the second sight. Along deserted streets identically structured houses are lined up which are protected by perfectly and artificially arranged green spaces. «Cape Coral planned to match your fondest dreams… priced to make it possible, breathtaking isn't it?"


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